Mt. SAC Technology Loan Distribution!

Congratulations Mountie! You have been selected for loaned technology through our Laptop Loans Program. Use your personal and unique access code to sign up for an appointment. Your access code is your student id number followed by WTLP22 . Example: A01234567WTLP22

Select an Appointment

There are several dates and times. The format is a walk-thru, you will be required to wear a mask and show your Mt. SAC ID.

Things to Bring

  1. Your Mt. SAC ID Card OR any other form of ID that has your name AND picture
  2. A Facemask - Wear it!
  3. Your portal log-in (username and password). You will need it if approved for a laptop loan.

Please Note

You will use your personal and unique access code so DO NOT forward this to your friends and family to sign up because they will be DENIED technology. You will receive a copy of the user agreement at pick up. Read it! It's your contract. Once you submit this request, you will get an email from Mt. SAC Box Office that has an attachment. Open the Mt. SAC Box Office email attachment, it is a copy of your confirmation details including the event location.

Got Questions? email